avp evolution apk

By | February 28, 2019

AVP Evolution APK is a great monster fighting game on Android. The game requires a phone running android 4.0.3 and above. You will transform into an alien, fighting to protect your earth. You will fight with the most dangerous and scary space creatures, you will handle the monster slaves who do not listen to you. You will fight, fight alien creatures, they want to take over the earth and govern it. They are evil and cruel. With the new skills, beautiful game graphics, you will fight with the divine fighting phases. You will fight with passion, fighting to death. You can make challenges with them. You can recover the flocks that chase them away from your territory. The game has a very beautiful character, creatures that look ugly and brutal. They are filthy, cruel as they call. You will be highly appreciated by the ability to conquer monsters. High-level fighting, fighting like in the film, like in the alliance game. The alien creatures are not at all a bit, they have the skills that make you a part of admiration. You will have to use reasonable skills in combination with bringing the right items to hit different species of creatures. You can travel as you like in your territory, you look for the bad guys to rule them. Not only that, you will get valuable rewards, money when beating alien creatures, precious objects that they leave. You will become stronger than ever, you will get more sympathy from other players. Constantly learning, improving skills, we will constantly update you to have the most satisfying experiences possible. Wish you all have fun playing games!
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