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By | February 25, 2019

Taxi services in major cities are growing and you can catch a taxi very easily. However, along with the development of numbers, there is an uneven development in quality and customer service of taxi firms.

New points on Uber updates
Uber has “made it” with a completely new application icon and interface, helping users to book cars faster, smarter and highly personalized.

Uber APK free download latest version for android 300x146 - Free download uber apk
Improving speed and simplicity on the interface, users just need to touch and touch to book a car and manage their trip quickly.
For example, there are shoddy cabs or drivers with uncomfortable attitudes, causing passengers to have an unhappy ride. In parallel with such “though” taxi companies, there are still reliable companies, but the prices of these firms can make it difficult for middle-income users.

The main features of Uber for Android
Use Uber service for Android to ask a private driver to pick you up within minutes after ordering. Users will not need to wait long to shake to be served.
Compared to other services, Uber is quite affordable. In particular, users can pay via Google Wallet, PayPal or credit card, completely in the form of electronic transactions. You will not be afraid of not getting a taxi when there are no coins on you.
Notify the requester’s location via GPS and display on the map so the driver can know exactly where to get them. Conversely, users can also track where their own driver is located.
After boarding, you just need to relax comfortably. Uber for Android will email service bill after you have arrived at the requested location.

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