homescapes mod apk

By | February 13, 2019

homescapes mod apk is a very good and famous game on Android of Playrix
In the game, you will need to use candy to collect different combinations, to complete the quests, you will be able to restore the family’s mansion. Make your family’s villa a great and beautiful way possible. Choose a room design according to your preferences. Whatever you like to do, you like to plant flowers in your home, and keep pets in your house. You will do everything you like, you are like a king, you have many useful and useful tools in your hands.
Map mod apk updated to version The game was updated on 17 January 2019
The game requires machines from Android 4.0.3 and above
apk mod homecapes with size 95.6Mb
and download it for free on Android
You will enter a home with a rich history, you will start building it and getting to know people you don’t know! Interesting toys, hiding many great secrets about many physical and mental aspects. Meet neighbors, start raising pets, remember the beautiful, poetic past and build a vast, vast old house, immense, vast. The game is great and useful for many people. So download and play!
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