smashy road mod

By | March 1, 2019

smashy road mod is the best street racing game on android. The game requires a phone using the Android operating system from 2.3 or more to be able to play the game. The current version of the game is 1.2.5 updated on May 24, 2018. The game has a capacity of 52 mb. The game is very light, takes up very little space in your phone memory, the game for the weakest machines can still be played. The game belongs to an action game, you have a hobby of racing, escaping from police, breaking all rules, this is an extremely perfect experience. You will be transformed into a driver, you are pursued by police on the city, you break all the rules in your life, you do everything you want, including illegal things so you have been attacked An enclosure chases. You will drive your car to run in the police, run in the city and run out of the city, deserted fields. You can own 90 cars in the game by winning conquests, receiving prizes, money and buying new cars. You drive your car on the road across the streets, crashing all the things that get in your way, you sway on the road, force the police to step down the road, ride carelessly to get rid of the police. You can fight back to the police by killing police, robbing their weapons, shooting each other with them. The cars go at a quite fast speed, the roads with folding crabs are very interesting, you have a super car treasure, you can choose. You can also jog to change police cars to go, do everything to get rid of the police. The game has car graphics, characters, the landscape is very beautiful, the sound quality is very good. You will chase on long and challenging roads. Eventually you will become the winner, cutting off the police. You will receive huge rewards of the game to go shopping delight. Wish you have an interesting experience.

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