smashy road wanted mod apk

By | February 28, 2019

smashy road wanted mod apk is an exciting chase racing game on android. In the game, you are driving normally, watching the adventure on the road when suddenly there is an alarm, honking the horn behind you. Do not understand what happened, you have gas pedal, launch headline, kick mirror you see a lot of police, mobile are chasing me. As I drove, I thought about what I did to get the police to chase so much, and I panicked faster. Suddenly remember, yesterday you went to work on the stone without pretending to be so you should report to the police, arrest me playing cave crime without pretending to be money. The air in the car was quiet, not knowing whether to step on the gas pedal or brake down to pay $ 100 to play girls yesterday. Thinking back, fearing not that error, going to the police to arrest him was always to leave my mother. You quickly kick the accelerator pedal, the police cars chase, stop close to your car with the announcements on the speaker: “Get off the bus to play money”. If you do not bare anything, you close the throttle, the police cars will not stop, but chase you, catch you. As soon as I ran away, I told myself, the next time I went out to play with a girl, I would put a mask on to avoid him knowing how to report to the police for not paying girls. Graphics game is very beautiful, you can hit the hammock to race with the police, crash anything on the road you see, do everything to tail the police. You can buy weapons to shoot police, robbery, kill people to win money. You can use the money to enter the most luxurious entertainment places. You are so great!

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