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By | February 16, 2019

Blockhead Mods is an immersive and popular electronic genre game for those who love dramatic and exciting games.
The game requires Android version 3.1 and above to support iOS 9.0 and above to experience.
The latest version of the game is 1.7.3 updated July 13, 2016
The game has a capacity of 83 mb
The game was developed by developer Noodlecake Studios Inc
The game is 4.3 star rated by players
The game is an impromptu survival game. In the game, you will do everything you can to survive and create a beautiful life. You will have a lot of situations that you may encounter, you have to do something so you can survive when there are not enough cases. You have to get food, water, to save to survive. You must also build a farm house, develop a billionaire, successful person in the upper class. You can use anything available in the game the way you meet. You have to search, to use your intellect to survive in the harsh environment that manufacturers offer. Is it interesting . Here are the opinions of some gamers:

Dinh Dai
Fighting too hard
Likes · Feedback · 2 days

Pearl flower
The game is too perfect, creative fights
Likes · Feedback · 5 days

Love love
Blood battle
Likes · Feedback · 1 month

Lang Thien
The character needs a lot of looks and weapons
Likes · Feedback · 1 month

Thanh Con
Get out now, hit it
Likes · Feedback · 1 month

Skill skill is quite interesting
Likes · Feedback · 1 month

Dinh Cuong
Fight like a god
Likes · Feedback · 1 month

Mai Mai
knock down, punch, kick, max
Likes · Feedback · 1 month

Long Phi
characters need improvement
Likes · Feedback · 1 month

graphics need improvement
Likes · Feedback · 2 months

Characters need more effects
Likes · Feedback · 2 months

You underlined in the questionnaire
monsters need to be more aggressive
Likes · Feedback · 2 months

Jade Emperor
Need to go in new directions

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